Bryant Christenson



Bryant’s technical and innovative leadership skills have paved the way forward throughout his 10+ year career to becoming an extraordinary Wisconsin Licensed Architect at RVA.

Ranking 1st in the state of Wisconsin for Architectural Drafting, and 5th in the nation (Skills USA) has provided him with the ability to effectively collaborate with the entire RVA team to achieve exceptional results.

Bryant has demonstrated excellence and adaptability in a wide range of projects, including commercial and retail, financial, multi-family and industrial buildings. Bryant’s unwavering dedication to his projects and clients encompasses the core values of RVA, and by using his

Bryant creates aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces by incorporating creative design solutions and effectively collaborating with all stakeholders. His passion is creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, all while delivering exceptional results.

Bryant Christenson



The Catalyst

biggest inspiration

The sense of accomplishment when a creative idea becomes someone’s dream.

biggest motivator

Coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new.

Words to live by

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”