Mark Lane



With over 35 years of experience, and a licensed architect in the state of Wisconsin and Colorado, Mark effectively leads and manages multiple project teams on challenging and impactful architectural projects.  As a Project Architect, Mark delivers on a wide range of projects including masterplans, historic renovations, sustainability, and large-scale multi-family residential with a focus on industrial, restaurant, and hospitality buildings.

Mark’s active involvement in many industry organizations, along with being certified by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), has provided him with profound knowledge. As RVA’s Master Specification Writer, Mark is an invaluable adviser and team player ensuring everyone stays current on design standards, as well as develops accurate and complete construction documents. This persistency yields successful results.

Mark Lane



The Advisor

biggest inspiration

I am inspired by the silent efforts of multitudes of people each day who help make life better for others. In a small way we as architects contribute, through thoughtful design, to the betterment of our fellow mankind.

biggest motivator

I am motivated to leave this world better than how I arrived in it. This happens in small ways each and every day. I hope to leave a mark that is considerate of our land and to our people that will last the test of time. I work towards non-disposable architecture that is well designed and well built.

Words to live by

 “The cause of architecture is the enrichment of life” – Frank Lloyd Wright