Caddie Woodlawn Elementary School

Durand, WI

The School District of Durand, facing declining enrollment and tough budget cuts, decided to consolidate their two elementary schools. Caddie Woodlawn Elementary School, originally constructed in 1966, was the larger of the two elementary facilities. Due to its location and physical condition, it was determined that remodeling and creating an addition to this school was the most affordable way for the District to consolidate the two schools.

A 20,000 SF addition was added to the school’s south side. This addition has two new secure entryways for the school, one for parent/student drop-off/pick-up and one for buses. The school’s front office is located off the main entry, allowing sightlines to the parking lot and a new commons. The commons serves as a lunchroom, with the new kitchen adjacent, and as a lobby space for the new gymnasium that seats 500.

In the existing facility, classrooms were updated with new flooring, cabinets, ceilings, and lighting. The space vacated by the existing kitchen was transformed into a centralized special education area. Alongside the special education area, additional support staff spaces and resource rooms were created where the library previously resided. The library was relocated into the former gymnasium.