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At RVA we take pride in our client’s success. Our firm offers a wide variety of services and strives to exceed the needs of clients in different markets. From Design Services to analyzing your current property’s condition our team is full of industry experts who will help get your project going in the right direction!

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Master Site and Facility

Planning for the future can be hard. Trying to figure out the specifics of what you should do when – that can be even harder. Our team knows that we need to start with the end in mind when we look at Master Site and Facility Planning! If you think that your organization is ready to expand a Master Site & Facility plan will help to identify the need and will allow us to help you better prepare for your future.

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Site Selection Analysis

Site Selection Analysis is much more than analyzing the size and location of a site. It’s taking a step back to gather all of the puzzle pieces that are your wants and needs and then taking the time to put them together to find the picture-perfect fit for your organization.

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Space Planning & Space
Needs Programming

We want to start by gathering information. We want to know how will your space be used, who will utilize your space, and how will time be spent in your space? As we start learning more about your organization we will help to separate your wants from needs. We will then take a look at everything from your operational goals to your strategic initiative to develop the best plan of action for you and your organization.

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Property Condition

When we walk through your property we will look at all structures and systems and identify any improvements that have been done or might be needed in the future.

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We Design Relationships

Our firm is built on the philosophy that a successful building project satisfies client’s functional aesthetic needs while adhering to their budget and timetable. While the role of our team is to help clients transform their vision into a functional yet attractive structure, communication and client involvement are key to the success of our projects.

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