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about us

We Design Relationships

Our firm is built on the philosophy that a successful building project satisfies client’s functional aesthetic needs while adhering to their budget and timetable. While the role of our team is to help clients transform their vision into a functional yet attractive structure, communication and client involvement are key to the success of our projects.

Complete Architectural & Engineering Design

Work Together. Win Together.

At RVA we work to create the perfect space for every client. Our approach is highly collaborative, innovative and strategic. As Architects, we often take on the role of problem solvers. Our goal is to fully understand our clients wants & needs so we can accurately and efficiently turn a client’s vision into reality. Our team of 18 highly motivated and innovative individuals is focused on client success. Regardless of who is on the team, we strive for win/win outcomes that yield successful results. 

site selection analysis

Accessible. Feasible. Sustainable.

By maximizing visibility, verifying access from streets or highways, confirming appropriate land area availability including buildings, parking, drives and future expansions, evaluating the suitability of topography, and availability of utilities our Site Selection and Analysis Process helps achieve exceptional results. Further, we work with local authorities to assist in verifying any zoning restrictions or challenges that may be anticipated. Additionally, if more than one site is to be considered, we offer pros and cons for each to help our clients make an informed decision on which option is best suited for their needs.

master site and facility planning

Research Driven. Future Focused.

At RVA we know thorough, long-term planning, is a must when you are strategically evaluating the vision for your organization’s future. Through Master Site and Facility Planning, our team can connect your business goals to your organization’s evolving needs, identify positive and negative impacts that could influence developments and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your current and future requirements.

space planning & space needs programming

Analyze. Optimize. Strategize.

At RVA Space Planning and Space Needs Programming includes careful consideration of the organizational requirements that our respective clients may have. This includes the review of organizational structures, strategic business goals and objectives, and thorough discussions with the project stakeholders to evaluate needs and wants. Planning and programming reinforces calculated decision making to ensure a wholistic approach resulting in better solutions. Our team is driven to provide all information to allow our clients and partners to make the best possible decisions regarding current and future space needs.

property condition assessments

Assess. Identify. Improve.

Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive assessment of existing facilities to allow you to develop a long term strategy for future capital improvement expenditures. Knowing the life cycle condition of your building’s components, code deficiencies or even underperforming building systems are liability issues that will adversely affect your investment. Let our teams vast knowledge of project sites, building envelopes, and infrastructures allow you to better plan for the future.

We’re the team that will bring your vision to life!