Chippewa Valley Grain Transport

Chippewa Falls, WI

Our team was contacted by Chippewa Valley Grain Transport to design their new office, truck storage, detailing bay, and truck wash facility in Chippewa Falls, WI. The office portion of this project features a lobby area, a conference room, and four offices. The truck storage and detailing bay contains four vacuum/air/electric stations and storage for up to six tractor-trailers. The wash bay starts with a 6,000gpm de-mucking blast to clean the underbody followed by a detergent hoop and inspection bridge personal detailing with pressure washer wands. Then to remove the detergent the truck goes through a detailed blast, pre-rinse, and finishes with reverse osmosis water rinse for a spotless finish. Each truck washes only uses 150 gallons of fresh water. The rest of the water used is from the water recycling sediment pit system. The sediment is an 8’ deep water retention area engineered to separate the sediment from the wash bay and be recycled to be used again in the de-mucking station and detailed blast.

Total Square Footage: 19,000
Completed: 2022
Construction Manager: Market & Johson