Kimberly Parker

Administrative Coordinator


As our Administrative Coordinator, Kim juggles multiple tasks within our office.  Prior to joining RVA in 2023, she attained over 20 years of experience in a variety of different office environments which lends an exceptional amount of skill to our team. Most recently, coming from a medical background, she enjoys seeing the collaboration of meticulous detail and strategy that comes with the architectural world.

Kimberly Parker

Administrative Coordinator


The Organizer

biggest inspiration

The things that inspire me the most are my family, friends, and my goals. My family acts as a support system for me and they help me to stay grounded. Friends also help ground me because they remind me of why I am where I am now. As for my goals, I love how they give me a sense of meaning and purpose.

biggest motivator

My passion for life & my big heart motivate me. I have this drive that when I set out to accomplish something, I put my heart & soul into it. I enjoy being able to make others happy and make sure that everyone is enjoying life in that moment.

Words to live by

 “Live the Life you Love…Love the Life you Live…YOLO” – Unknown